"A crystal ball of record covers from my private collection. Enjoy!"
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Cobraa / Cobraa (1974)
Sleeve by Roberto Patelli.

Carillo / Street Of Dreams 
Illustration by Robert Giusti. Design by Lynn Dreese Breslin.

Liza Minnelli / Cabaret Original Film Muzik (1982)
No credits available.


Cosmic Kraut Experience / Merlin, Swara, Ilor & Friends (1974)
Cover art by Stefan Zander, Heghdelberg. Cover concept by Roland H. Wehner
and Al Brecht-Dürrer Design, Nürnberg.

Anne Linnet / You’re Crazy (1980)
Cover concept Anne Linnet. Art Direction / Design Jo Dam Kaergaard.

Al Stewart / Year Of The Cat (1976)
Sleeve design by Colin Edge at Hipgnosis.


Peter Skellern / Astaire (1979)
Art direction / Sleeve design by Alan Scmidt/Denis Walden. 

Carol Halm / Portraits (1982)
Album art, concept, graphics by Jeff Sullivan.

Marc Jordan / Blue Desert (1979)
Photography and design by Jaymie Odgers.

Kate Bush / Symphony In Blue (1978)
Photograph by Gered Mankowitz.

The Pinups / Hollywood Eyes (1981)
Photography by Axel Crieger, Düsseldorf.


The Masqueraders (1980)
Photography by Cheryl Clayton. Design by Ed Lee. Mask by David Larisy and Lynn Hearn. Make-up by Michael Tyler.


Sad Cafe / Misplaced Ideals (1978)
Art Direction by Roland Young. Design by Chuck Beeson. Photography by Mark Hanauer. Cover photo treatment by Katherine Anne Walter / Lou Beach.


The Silencers / Romanic (1981)
Cover art design and concept/Styling by Cathi Capiola. 


Dayton / Dayton (1980)
Art Direction by Bill Burks. Illustration by Ron Croci. Design by Jeff Lancaster. 

I’ve been in New York this last week shooting a set of fashion films so wanted to bookend my trip with two NY themed sleeves. It was great to be there again.