"A crystal ball of record covers from my private collection. Enjoy!"
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Drafi / Lost In New York City (1981)
Art Direction by Manfred Vormstein. Photography by Bildagentur Stuttgart/von Czarnowski. Design by Ariola Eurodisc/Studios.

Champaign / How ‘Bout Us (1981)
Design by Nancy Donald. No credits for Illustration.


David Bowie / DJ (1979)
Photography by Corrine Schwabb.

The image on this sleeve was shot by Bowie’s personal assistant Corrine Schwabb and would have been snapped on the set when they were making the video for DJ which if you haven’t seen is an amazing video. The title font reminds me of BAD by Michael Jackson, although this obviously pre-dates that. 


Bobby & The Midnites Featuring Bob Weir (1981)
Cover by Victor Moscoso.


Neville Brothers / Fiyo On The Bayou (1981)
Illustration by Lou & Pearl Beach. Art Direction by Chuck Beeson and Jeff Ayeroff. Design by Melanie Nissen.


Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark / La femme accident (1985)
Design by XL. Photography by Carol Sharp.


The Shadows / Guardian Angel (1984)
Photograph Cosimo Image Bank. Design by Alwyn Clayden / Green Ink.


Richie Rome / Deep (1980) A/D by Ron Coro. Design by Kathy Morphesis. Collage by Lou Beach. 

Lou Beach is responsible for some of my favourite collage sleeves, particularly Weather Report’s ‘Mr Gone’ which I posted a year or 2 ago. I came across this one the other day when I was shopping and immediately  loved it, without knowing it was by him. It’s strange because I have been using a lot of fish recently in my own collage work, some of it unpublished at the moment but there’s a Basement Jaxx 12” coming soon (Mermaid of Salinas) which features different sea creatures.

Manhattans / After Midnight (1980) Design by Paul Scher. Illustration by Mark Hess. 

Alibi / Friends (1980) Design by The Small Back Room. Photography by Paul Wakefield and David Hosking.

Fingerprintz / Distinguishing Marks (1980) Illustrations by John Stalin. Sleeve designed by Peter Saville.


Ryuichi Sakamoto / Left Handed Dream (1981) Art Direction by Yukimasa Okumura. Photography by Masayoshi Sukita. Design by The Studio, Tokyo. Hair & Make-up by Chiaki Hirota.

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages but needed to repurchase it because I lost my original copy. Lady Gaga did something similar recently for her her new record, although on that the make-up is slightly more messy and abstract but can’t help thinking she (or her make-up artist) must have seen this or used it as a reference. Oh, and I am experimenting with shooting the sleeves in a slightly different way, do you like it?

Al Stewart / Time Passages (1978) Photography/Design by Hipgnosis.

Roxy Music / Pyjamarama (1973) Credits unknown

I know I just posted a Roxy Music sleeve a few weeks ago but this one is just too good to hold back. 

Caldera / Sky Islands (1979) Art Direction by Roy Kohara. Illustration by Shusei Nagaoka.