"A crystal ball of record covers from my private collection. Enjoy!"
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Kevin Ayers / Confessions of Dr Dream and other stories (1974) Cover design by Group Five. Illustration by James Wedge and George Smith. 

Brand X / Masques (1978) Photography by Chris Kutschera. Design by A D Design. 

Marilyn Monroe / Legends I had a rough plan of doing a week of posts dedicated to sex symbols of the silver screen, starting with the Dietrich one I posted a recently. This one of Marilyn is almost like a painting. It fascinates me how she managed to become such an incredible icon. (Mat Maitland, Leopard Tree Dream)


Endless Love / Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1980) Film still Polygram Pictures.

File under Brooke Shields.


Marlene Dietrich / The Legendary, Lovely Marlene (1982) Design/Photography Unknown. If you do an image search for Dietrich on Google you’ll find it very very hard to find a bad image, it’s incredible. This is of course helped by the fact that she lived in an age of the carefully crafted image, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, which means there are no images of her sunbathing nude on the beach, coming out of a restaurant drunk or shopping in K Mart. Isn’t that the way we want our stars? Otherworldly and out of reach. (Mat Maitland, Leopard Tree Dream)

Neil Larsen / High Gear (1979) Art Direction by Roland Young. Design by Chuck Beeson. Photography by Elizabeth Lennard. I’ve always loved hand tinted images, it’s something I have featured in my work a few times (Marina & the Diamonds first album art, Das Pop and lately Bent Van Looy’s new solo project). This is another fine example, again on a Neil Larsen sleeve. I posted another a few weeks ago which is equally as good. (Mat Maitland, Leopard Tree Dream)

Yellow Magic Orchestra (1978) Design and Art Direction by Aijiro Wakita. Illustration by Kazuo Hakamada.

John Stewart / Dream Babies Go Hollywood (1980) Art Direction by Glenn Ross. Photography, concept, design by Herbert W. Worthington III. Laura, a friend of mine showed me this record sleeve recently and I had to buy it, I love it for the title alone! Definitely on the cheesy side but… (Mat Maitland, Leopard Tree Dream)

Bernadette Peters / Bernadette Peters (1980) Cover by Alberto Vargas. Think this will be the last cover I’ll post featuring the art of Vargas as I’ve used them all up now. 

YMO / BGM (1981) Art Direction by Yukimasa Okumura. Design by The Studio, Tokyo, Japan. I got to know Ryuichi Sakamoto through his work with David Sylvian and ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence’ which he starred in with David Bowie. Because of that I always thought it should have been Bowie that worked with him and not Sylvian, although I love their work together. Shit, what am I doing talking about music here! Anyway, I always heard about YMO and was often taken with their cover art, although I still haven’t really heard a lot of their music. They did the original version of Behind The Mask, made famous by Eric Clapton, which was also later recorded by Michael Jackson. Sorry, I’ve done it again, well it always has to come back to Michael in one way or another. (Mat Maitland, Leopard Tree Dream) 

Chanson / Chanson (1978) Art Direction and Illustration by John Georgopoulos. Lettering by Tom Nikosey. Happy Valentines day.

American Gigolo / Original Soundtrack (1980) Design/Photography unknown. I guess it’s a bit of a cheat putting soundtracks on here as really the image and design often just come straight from the poster art rather than being specially designed for the soundtrack. Anyway, it allows me to also include film poster imagery which I love almost more than record covers. American Gigolo has to be one of my favourites, the image is so amazing - it’s been ripped off so many times it almost feels like a pastiche here. If you haven’t seen the film, you have to watch it. Written and directed by Taxi Driver scriptwriter, Paul Schrader and also starring Lauren Hutton who is incredible. The mood of it is beautiful. (Mat Maitland, Leopard Tree Dream) 


Aquarian Dream / Fantasy (1978) Art Direction by Ron Coro. Design by Johnny Lee and Mary Francis. Illustration by Cynthia Marsh. My mind is filled with the jungle at the moment as I’m working on a fashion film which is inspired by it. Another sleeve from 1978. (Mat Maitland, Leopard Tree Dream)



Neil Larsen / Jungle Fever (1978) Art Direction by Roland Young. Design by Chuck Beeson. Photography by Elizabeth Lennard. This cover has been a loose inspiration for a new sleeve I am currently working on. I have a bit of a weakness for hand coloured photographs, something I have dabbled with on some of my previous work. This one is magical, the colour palette is beautiful. (Mat Maitland, Leopard Tree Dream)

'10' / Original Soundtrack (1979) Credits unknown.